2019 BLOGS


One Life to Lyv

Chic street beginnings

For years I walked this street slaving for fashion.  Broke and dressed to the nines on King St. in Charleston, South Carolina.  But my journey didn't begin there.  It began in 7th grade when I purchased my first Harper's Bazaar and saw fashion for the first time.  It began when I decided to go against the grain and dress how I wanted instead of blending in amongst the crowd.  My journey began in a middle school bathroom where I hid crying because my peers made fun of me for dressing different.  And when my father sat me down and reassured me that being an original was much more special than being a copy.  After years of traveling in my many journeys for fashion I want to share what I have learned.  Clothes are great.  However, the right pieces can channel your inner wonder woman and silently demand the attention of a full room.  So let's have some fun and turn some heads because that feeling rocks.