$10 Make You Holla: Dollar General Pants

by Lyv Martin

I have been dying to write about these pants!!! YAS HUNTAYY THEY FROM THE DOLLAR GENERAL! My closet turns zero labels away, everybody is welcome!

Earlier this summer I got news that my dear friend's father had passed away.  Chris and I felt it was very important for me to be with her during this time.  So I packed some wine, I mean my stuff and headed to the mountains in North Caroliina where Angie grew up.  I had no idea we were going to be smack in the midst of legit mountains.  No phone service, nothing.  Her mom and step-dad have a landline!  A real phone!!  It was fantastic.  What about the pants Lyv?!  I know, I'm getting to them.  We were running errands one morning in town and there were very few stores.  One was a Dollar General.  I walked in and it was like the heavens parted and these jogger pants were staring me in the face with a tag that said $10.  I thought it was a lie!  But no, it was in fact the TRUTH!  

Jogger pants have been growing more and more popular.  They typically are a tailored casual pant that is tight at the ankles.  You can wear them scrunched up or down.  I have been wanting to try a pair without investing a lot of money so here was my opportunity.  The pair I purchased are made out of a knit material, which is more of a casual texture.  However, naturally I wanted to challenge myself and see how many different ways I could style these $10 pants.  

For a casual look I paired these Sam Edelman flats.  I found these at Belk on super sale ($40) a few months back, however when I searched online just now they were still expensive.  I didn't pay that!  To play off the tribal feel of these glorious flats I added a necklace by Betsy Pittard Designs from M Boutique in Columbia, SC.  The necklace is actually a long length so I double wrapped it for this look to make it shorter.  The reason I double wrapped the necklace is because it was hitting right were the pants tied so it became too busy.  My shirt is also from M Boutique.  As you can see I'm still stuck on statement shirts.  

After I did this shoot I was walking in Publix with this shirt on and a clerk walked past me and said, “Yes gurl! I am feeling that shirt!”. And we were instantly friends. She saw a glimpse at my inner sass and she appreciated it.

For a more polished look I styled a tie-up gladiator heel from Target (they're two years old otherwise I would provide you the link because they are all things fabulous and comfortable!) and a simple black tank.  If you needed a pop of color to break up the darkness a bright necklace or bracelet would be great.  Also, I pushed up the pants to about mid-calf for this look to add a bit of edge.  Additionally, let's take moment to discuss that side view pic.  My butt is not that big but I wish it was!!!  I have been squatting everywhere for 6 months trying to add some curves so when I saw that pic these $10 pants became even more aahhhmazzzinng!

I switched the tank top out with a black chiffon crop for a possible going out or date night vibe. I kept the look simple with minimal accessories.

Ok, now let's take these pants to the office.  Depending on your dress code guidelines I absolutely think these could be office appropriate!  I would choose more of a boyfriend style blazer because it's a longer fit to balance out the close fit of the pant.  I am all about peep-toe booties this season!  I thought the blue of these BCBG heels would be perfect for breaking up the conservative dark tones without making a fuss and keeping it proffessional.

To play off the color of the booties I styled a bag that would compliment the tones and add a touch of chic to the look.  If you want to keep the look without too much color I worked in a few shots with a great black pump but still that pop of color with the Kate Spade bag.  

Overall these pants can be whatever you want them to be. It’s all in how you carry yourself. If you carry yourself like a million bucks then no one will know they were $10!!! So push your shoulders back and rock something outside of your comfort zone, because being you rocks.


Angie this post if for you.  The gift you give me as a friend who believes in me and my passion sometimes more than I do is beyond priceless.  I know your father is incredibly proud of the woman and friend you are.  Thank you for being you.  You are in fact the leader of the bad betch convention.


Holy Chic: Tie-Dye For

by Lyv Martin

July 2015

I have to admit personally for years the thought of tie-dye immediately made me think of shirts you make during Vacation Bible School.  However, tie-dye has come a long way.  And it's hot in the streets right now.  A lot of the looks I see using tie-dye are very boho chic for festivals, concerts, etc.  So I wanted to take the print and make it my own, still boho chic with a touch Lyvacious.  (Allow me to introduce you to my high school nick name.)  

Rocks Forever 21 but just turned thirtaaayyyyy.

The first piece we are taking a look at is a navy and white tie-dye print top with "angel sleeves" from Forever 21.  I found this top on Instagram.  There is an account I follow called "LIKEtoKNOW.it" and it is fantastic.  A variety of fashion bloggers post pictures and when you "like" or "double tap" the picture it will email you the outfit details, price and where each piece came from.  The blogger that had posted her picture with this shirt had it styled with cut off jean shorts, heels and a tassel purse.  It looked great, however I wanted to style it a touch more conservative for better everyday use.  I love following that account because it really gives me great inspiration for how others style different pieces.   Sometimes bloggers use VERY expensive pieces and other times it's like my little top from Forever 21 for $29.90. 

I loved the cut of the sleeves.  I tend to gravitate towards any type of piece of clothing that has movement or flow.  A great classic choice would be to pair this top with white jeans.  I wanted a pop of color to contrast the tie-dye print and thought the peach color of the Hudson jeans would be nice.  Hudson jeans are my JAM!!!  They just fit me.  I typically buy them from Hautelook when they are having a sale.  I also picked up that gold chain from Forever 21.  Additionally, the secret is out that I have witch hands.  So does my fav fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker so I'm totally ok with it.  Witch hands of life!!!

One of my favorite hidden details right now is ear cuffs. I mix matched these pieces from Forever 21.

This dress is a fun find I found on a sale rack at a little boutique in Aiken, SC called Threads.  I bought it at the end of last summer knowing I would get a lot of use out of it this season.  Especially because when I saw it was backless it had me at HELLO.  I am all about back DRAMA.  Don't be afraid to buy pieces at the end of a season.  That is my favorite time to look for more expensive pieces that I can get a deal on and use for many years to come.

I wanted to play off the flirtatiousness of the dress with a vibrant print on the shoe and cork clutch. Next I have a more conservative option with a nude shoe and pink blazer but still a pop of fun with the clutch.

Next I used a tie-dye skirt that is a wrap style which is an extremely flattering style for ALL body types.  It's a timeless cut, whether its a wrap skirt or dress.  This skirt can be styled with a blazer for a more professional look or without for a night out.  Again, I used the pink blazer for a pop of color.  I also had a Mr. T moment and layered big gold chains for a statement up top.  

If you paired the skirt with a navy blazer, less necklaces and possibly a wedge or even the same booties I have it styled with I think this would be very professional and stylish for the office.  The skirt is vintage BCBG, the tank is from Express, the pink blazer is vintage Juicy Couture, and the chains are a mix from thrift store find to Forever 21.  The blue chain metal purse I recently found at an antique store for like $5.  Chain metal purses are my JAM.    

My last look is a super comfortable maxi dress from HauteLook.  During this time of year maxi dresses can almost be too hot!  So I have started tying mine up on the side.

I paired a longer statement necklace from Entourage, and beaded tribal bracelets from a random craft show.  In one look I took the necklace off to pair a cross body purse that has some gold fringe detail.  The bag is by Big Buddha which I picked up from Nordstrom Rack.

So if you're like me and had tie-dye filed in the Vacation Bible School section of attire, it's time to wipe the fuzz from our eyes and embrace it!  It's a fun and chic trend.  You can make it your own whether that be casual around the town, out and about or even for the office.  Make it TIE-DYE FOR!!  Until next time, take a chance, step outside your comfort zone and walk into a room like you own it, because you can.


Swim Cover-Ups: From Wet to Set

by Lyv Martin

June 2015

So it's June.  June?!  We are half way through 2015, that just seems bananas to me.  And it goes without being said that for the next 3 to 4 months the south is a hot damn mess.  Let's pause while you digest this shocking news I have eloquently delivered to you.  You're welcome.

During this time of year we need those pieces in our closet that take us from wet to set.  Maybe you're at the pool with friends or your kids and you're not sure where the rest of the day may take you.  Here are some easy pieces that you can throw on and keep you prepared and stylish for whatever the day has in store for you.

Being summer stylish doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, it’s about taking the right pieces and using them to our advantage. So let’s make this summer our bitch, I mean beach.

I used a navy with hot pink trim Beach Bunny bikini for this shoot that I purchased last summer off HauteLook.  For our first look I wanted to use a trend that has been pretty popular and maybe something you already have, a kimono.  A kimono is a great piece to layer over a bathing suit and pair with jean shorts.  If your kimono is long enough you may not even need shorts, you can just wrap it and belt the waist for closure.  The kimono I used for this shoot is from Arden B. which no longer exists.  That's unfortunate.  However!  I have seen pieces quite similar pretty much anywhere and everywhere, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, etc.  

Another summer trend that I am seeing a lot of is floral rompers.  THEY.  ARE.  EVERYWHERE.  I recently found one that really caught my eye at M Boutique in the Cross Hill Plaza in Columbia, SC.  They have a great Instagram account so check them out!

I have to be honest I have been hesitant to purchase a floral romper because I have been seeing them so much lately.  My personal style is to stick more towards pieces that you might not see everyday.  But when I saw this particular romper I knew it was a good fit for me because of the print.  The print was vibrant, it mixed florals with a touch of animal print, I hadn't really seen another like it yet.  Which brings me to this piece of advice that I have learned along the way.

Don’t buy THINGS because they are popular and everyone else is wearing it. Buy pieces that speak to you, make you feel good, and most importantly make you feel confident. Use your money wisely!!

Let me tell you some other reasons I was sold on this romper.  The material is a breathable fabric and doesn't wrinkle easily.  Which translates into I can ball it up, throw it in a bag and when I am ready to roll put it on and it's not going to make me sweat to death. I can wear this with flats over my bathing suit, or with heels out on a date.  It's a very versatile piece that I plan on getting a lot of use out of.   Also, those wedges are by Guess and they are EVERYTHING HUNTAAYYY YAS!

A chunky knit fabric is another go to for layering and transitions throughout the day. I use this piece from Entourage as a cover up, dress and tunic with jeans.

Remember, when you see an item in a store and perhaps they have it styled as a dress or a shirt that doesn't mean you can't wear however you want to!  This knit piece was tucked away at the back of the store when I stopped in one afternoon and I picked up the hanger and thought man I wonder how many different ways I could wear this.  That may sound lame!!  I know, I'm a NERD!  This was a training exercise I used to do with my girls at BCBG when we got new merchandise in store. There are tons of cute, great pieces on a hanger but why do you need it?  How could you wear it?  When would you wear it?  So don't just throw something on this summer to cover your bathing suit, throw something on to make yourself feel good.  Because you deserve to feel that way!

Make the most out of the pieces you have, purchase them to WEAR them! Not to let it WEAR you. In other words, WERK it out, because being you rocks.


Beth Spangler: Audio Selfie

by Lyv Martin

May 2015

In third grade I decided I wanted to be on the cheerleading team at my elementary school.  I tried out and made the team which at the time was the most competitive team in our town.  Now competitive cheer is a WHOLE different world.  Our team would travel to Carowinds each October with us little girls running around in sponge curlers and begging our parents for dip dots ice cream.

We would stand backstage feeling like at any moment we were going to throw up and them bam. It was time to run on that stage. And that is where my friendship began with this girl. Beth Spangler.

This particular post is very special to me.  It will shed light into fashion and the bond of a friendship.  And how you could be filling someone's cup when you least expect it.  Beth and I became friends when we were 10 years old and we have stayed close throughout all these years. 

Beth and I have a special bond, a friendship based on faith and grace. We believe in something bigger than us. Bigger than love.

No matter how much time goes by we pick up where we left off and that is what life is about.  Surrounding yourself with others who build you up, encourage you, and support you with unconditional love.  We learned some life lessons together.  We made some great and bad decisions.  I am thankful for each one we made because it led us to exactly where we are in this moment.  And there is no where else I'd rather be.

As we got older anyone and everyone around Beth began to see that she had a gift.  Beth could sing her ass off!!!  This was not something she was growing out of, this was real.  And at this point in our lives, we didn't have social media outlets.  American Idol had just started.  We kept pushing Beth to go and try out, you'll make it for sure!  But there was something that made her nervous.  Something that makes us all nervous.  The option of failure.  

Time went on and we all kind of forgot about Beth's gift.  She kept it to herself.  

At a funeral to wish a dear friend goodbye, Beth sang, "His Eye Is On the Sparrow".  And once again, her voice filled our hearts, our minds and our bodies.  The power of her voice is immeasurable.  Finally, we all just looked at her and said, its time.  You have nothing to lose.  We don't know what tomorrow holds so lets take a chance.  And she did.  Beth began the chase after her passion.  And then before we knew it, she was on The Voice.

The night Beth debuted on The Voice.  I was a nervous damn wreck!!!  We watched her for 20 years with this gift that we knew needed to be shared with the world and finally the world was going to get a glimpse into her talent and grace.  When she came on the screen and started singing I just started balling my eyes out.  I was so happy for her I could not control my emotions.  This was HER moment.  After all those years of running onto cheerleading stages, sitting in our cars and singing our hearts out when we learned to drive, burning up the interstate to get her clothes for her first promotional shoot for marketing, it lead to that moment.  Beth defined that moment, she didn't let the moment define her.  She owned it.

When Beth returned home from The Voice she hit the ground running, continuing to write and record her own music and win Belk’s Southern Musician Showcase at the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC.

Shortly after Beth's big win she schduled her first concert to be held in our home town of Aiken, SC. Here is where we get to talk more about the FASHION.  We wanted to present Beth as a professional package however, we don't have J-Lo style budget.  YET!!  We styled the whole concert with only spending $60.  I wanted to share with you how we did that.  

We wanted to portray Beth for what she is, a professional spunky package but without digging deep into our pockets.  There were items we knew we needed to purchase and possibly borrow others (like from MY closet).  These practices of hunting the right pieces to update your wardrobe apply to all of us in our everyday lives.  

Beth's first request was she needed new combat boots for her opening look.  She only dances in those and her current pair was holding on for dear life.  Thankfully, for me it just happened all the stores were marking down boots to create room for Spring inventory so that was perfect timing for me to hunt!  I found the pair she is wearing above at Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse for $14.99 marked down from $90.  SOLD!!  The opening number involved a lot of moving and dancing which led us to go for leather shorts from Forever21 that were $15 and the sequin crop which I found at some random store in the Columbiana Mall for $30.  Overall we wanted Beth's opening look to be hip, relatable and fun.  

Sidenote:  I brought Beth my leather shorts to wear, but they were too big so we made an emergency run to Forever21 to find those, HOWEVER Beth had just gotten a spray tan for the concert so I was literally trying on all of her clothes for her while she sat and watched.  A DIVA is born!!!  

Changing her out of this look and into the next look was one of the funniest moments of my life.  Because it had to happen fast!  We didn't want to lose the audience!  If you could have recorded what we were saying to each other backstage in this dark hole and listened to it out of context, you wouldn't have had a clue what was going on?!  It went something like this:

Beth: (Running off stage trying to shut off mic so the audience doesn't hear us.)


Beth: (Elbows me in the face.) OH Lyv!!  I'm so sorry!!  (Tries to pet my face.)


Beth: (Laughing uncontrollably at me.)

Somehow we got her changed and she continued to rock the next set of songs. Which started off with her covering, "Cowboy Casanova".  We wanted this look to be BOLD with leather leggings.  DEFINITELY leather leggings.  We paired them with a red crop, a statement necklace and a badass BCBG jacket.  Which all came from my closet so we didn't have to purchase anything.  Cha-ching!!

The next set of songs involved some easy outfit changes.  She started off the set with, "We Found Love" and a few ballads.  For "We Found Love" I wanted her to be in something that was easy to move in but also had a presence on stage.  Flowy and airy.  We bought those black jeans from Forever21 for $15 and the tops were from my closet, however I was very pleased with the flow of the scarf vest (which I purchased last summer from HauteLook) and how it moved on stage with Beth.  The transition was into Michael Jackson with a sequin blazer from Bebe paired with classic socks with black flats.  Because you CANNOT FLOOD WITH NO SOCKS ON!!!!


Last we had Beth close the show singing, "Bigger Than Love" in our FAVORITE (including my husband) leggings from my BCBG days.  However, we needed a bright top so I found this awesome coral top for $12.99 from TJ Maxx and I paired it with a nice neon yellow necklace to contrast the color for an extra pop with leopard heels.  And that was a wrap!!

So why did I chose to write about styling Beth's concert this month? Because this weekend I hit the road to Atlanta to go get our girl ready for the release of her EP, Audio Selfie.  It brings me to tears even typing this now.  I never imagined Beth would be releasing her own original music and here we are.  When I sat in my bedroom that night Beth came on our TV for The Voice it was just such an inspiration to follow your passion whether it's great or small.  She was filling my cup without even saying anything to me.  And that's what this blog is to me.  It's MY passion.  And no matter how many people read it I am so thankful for the time you took to believe in me.  After all, we only have one life to LYV.



Pop Your Color: Step Into Spring

by Lyv Martin

April 2015

April is really a great month of transition.  There is more sunlight!  Halleluyah!  Warmer days with brighter colors.  Also, our social schedules seem to kick it up a notch as well during this time.  Weddings, parties, vacations, etc.  Happy moments all around us.  So let's pop our color and celebrate!

For this blog I wanted to discuss incorporating more color into our daily wardrobe as we enter those Spring/Summer days.  However, I wanted to use items that are also more pocket friendly and don't break the bank.  Our first look is this peach jumpsuit from Target for $29.99!!  What?!  Jumpsuits are a fabulous trend right now, however the fit can be super tricky so if you haven't found one that you are in love with be patient, but it is worth the wait.  

I was pleasantly surprised at how great this jumpsuit fit! It also come in black which is a timeless piece to have in your closet. A black jumpsuit is like a diamond, FO-EVA and FABULOUS!!

The inseam length of this jumpsuit was perfect on me and I am a bit on the taller side so you may need to get a little hem or just wear a great pair of heels and werk it out.

After I fell in love with the fit I wanted to break up all the peach.  I loved the color but I wanted to incorporate more.  I have a dear friend getting married in May so my thought process was maybe a bridal luncheon or early afternoon wedding as the possible event or occassion.  Since the peach color is more of a pastel shade I decided to stay in the pastel color spectrum.  I already had this leather printed belt with the pastel blue, green and black animal print.  I wanted the belt to break up the peach color and also draw attention to the waistline.  Next I paired this funky cuff from 2G's to incorporate the silver detail in the belt as well as all the colors.  Again, keeping the colors in the pastel family so they aren't competing with each other for attention.  I wanted to keep the shoe very simple with a nude heel.

Because I stuck with a neutral pastel spectrum of color I wanted just a small touch of pop. I used a hot pink lip as a small contrast to the peach color for a little diversity but not a competition.

Maybe you already have a favorite spring look and are wanting to add a pop of color to refresh the look.  Here I have taken a light blue aztec print skort from Entourage with an off white linen button from Forever21 and paired a bright yellow enamel necklace also in a similar aztec shape to tie in the print of my skort with a bright orange wristlet.  And I know you may be thinking oh but you can't wear orange and yellow together?  That's crazy.  And it is a little crazy and unusual but I love to do that!  Incorporate colors to contrast just a touch to make that extra pop.  They aren't big pieces so it's not a huge competition between them just a touch of color drama.  

Always keep your eyes open for a great deal. I found this necklace for $5 in a hospital gift shop.

$5?! No way, get out!  Nope, I'm not leaving, its true.  Most of my jewelry comes from mom and pop boutiques, thrift stores, the Goodwill, and in this case the gift shop at MUSC.  I finished off this look with those AMAZING Frye ankle boots.  This purchase was 100% my friend Angie's fault.  We were visiting our friends in DC and popped in the store to "look" and the next thing I know Angie says, "Hey Lyv, these look like you."  And then it was like the heavens parted and all I could hear was, "HERE'S YOUR CHANCE FANCY DON'T LET ME DOWN!!!!"  And then my wallet was empty and I walked out with new boots.  The end.  And I heart them dearly.

Let’s put together an outfit with lots of color. Lots of pop. Pop your color.

When I begin putting my thoughts together for this blog I realized that despite my love for bright colors I did not have many bright pieces in my closet.  I have a lot of bright accessories, but many pieces to be the focal point of the outfit to build from.  I found this lace orange skirt from H&M  for I think $35 and knew immediately I could style it many ways this summer and would really get some use out of it.  My first thought was I wanted to find a hot pink crop top.  Orange and hot pink is my FAV color combo right now.  It's all about sticking to a color palette.  If you're using pastels stick with the pastel family, if you're wanting to mix some bright color stay within the bright spectrum.  

I was unable to find a hot pink crop in time for this shoot however, I had this great hot pink satin belt to cinch the waist and give that slight contrast I was looking to achieve.  Another TIMELESS Spring trend is nautical stripes. And maybe if the stripes are too much for you a simple white tank would still be fabulous, however you know me I like to push the envelop until we are borderline too much, so stripes it is for me!!

I finalized the look with a few bangles to tie in my pop of bright colors. What bright colors do you love? Pop your color and step into Spring!


Don't Be Basic: Make A Statement

by Lyv Martin

March 2015

Find the shirt  HERE

Find the shirt HERE

Everyone has something to say these days.  And frankly, it's cracking me up!  Everyday I see new and witty statement shirts on Instagram.  You've seen them, "I Woke Up Like This", "There's No Way You Woke Up Like That" and so the battle continues.  I have decided I need to make one that says, "More Often Than Not I Wake Up Looking Homeless", however, I think it's a bit wordy.  So we'll press pause on that thought.

Let’s take a look how we can take these fun shirts and make them office appropriate and then out on the town with some sexy kitten vibes.

I found the fabulous, "Don't Be Basic" shirt at Target for $12.99.  AMAZING!  I spend more than that at Chic-fil-a on a day when I'm not even that hungry.  Right?!  The funny thing about the shirt is it's pretty basic, so how do I take a shirt that is telling me not to be basic, and make it un-basic?  Have I lost you?  What I'm saying is how can we take this white T-shirt and jazz it up in a spunky manner to go along with the theme. 

My first thought for the pant was definitely something with color, maybe a print?  I wanted it to be a color or print that I could still pair a jacket with to add some conservativeness for an office look or to just dress it up a little.  I chose these camo pants, gray booties and a bright pink purse for a pop of color.

The tweed blazer I used is also from Target a few seasons ago.  I featured it in my Rewind & Revamp project.  Last month I took the blazer, which I was tired of and brainstormed ways I could revamp it to find new ways to style it into my wardrobe.  I switched out the plain black button with an iridescent button and added some embellishment to the shoulders using gems I ordered off Amazon.  (Those are the same gems I used to embellish my New Years jumpsuit as well.)  That is my dance team back ground coming out.  In the dance world you always order costumes, and then glue on as much bedazzles as possible when they arrive.  For the blazer I only did 3 rows of embellishment and it took 10 minutes to glue.  If you're feeling like being more low key with less Dolly Parton vibes here is an option with a more neutral blazer.

Laura Fulmer’s photography skills are so great it looks like I am laughing, however I had just stuck my hand on a bunch of prickly stickers...profanity followed.
Another favorite statement that I have fallen in love with is this little “Shut Your Mouth”, white tank from Entourage.

I really wanted to play on the sass of the statement on the shirt which is what lead me to style as a great going out option.  My natural instinct when I want to sex an outfit up is leather.  Leather shorts, leather pants, leather boots, WHATEVER will work!  These pants are from my BCBG days when I still had that glorious discount paired with a Juicy Couture blazer.  I chose this blazer with a sort of floral print to off set the leather pants.  I love to pair floral prints with leather.  It doesn't make sense maybe, but it works, for me at least.  And if you carry yourself with confidence that you know it looks good then everyone else will believe you too.  So, shut your mouth and rock it.

Our last look on this fun adventure is my first statement shirt from many years ago.  Vintage statements!  Again, this was from my BCBG days of empty pockets with lots of ramen noodles.  I remember the day I open the box and saw this shirt and thought, YES.  This is me.


This shirt is a bit over sized so I tied it up to accent the waist of the skirt.  The very girly and pink skirt.  The neck line is a result of a Flashdance moment I was having in the past which led me to cut it so sometimes I wear it off a shoulder or as styled in the picture.  To off set the extreme girlieness of the skirt I paired my favorite leopard heels that are trimmed with little spikes for a touch of rockstar edge.

Don’t over think it! Have some fun and make a statement. Let the world have a glimpse of your inner sass. Until next time, push those shoulders back and put your chin up. Because being you rocks!


Dress For Yourself: Fringe, Flannel, & Feathers

by Lyv Martin

February 2015

When I was younger I was a total art geek.  I attended summer camps for the gifted and talented focused on visual arts and I loved it.  I wore big glasses, my hair was permed, I mean the struggle was real during those awkward years.  However, I think those moments studying visual arts learning about textures and so forth has contributed greatly to shaping my personal style.

I love mixing textures, fringe, leather, sequins. I break the rules.

I have gotten a lot of inquires about this fun little feather skirt and where it’s from.  Well guess what, it’s not a skirt.  It’s a dress.  This was my rehearsal dinner dress I wore the night before our wedding.  It’s a strapless number and I love it so much I have been racking my brain on how I could get more use out of it.  So I tied this $10 Miley Cyrus for BCBG from WAL-MART shirt over it and here we are.  Do you remember when Miley Cyrus had the line at Wal-Mart?!  She also released “Party in the USA” at the same time, which is still in my playlist I don’t even care if you’re judging me.  Everyone had those tank tops with the sequin ribbon on it, including yours truly!  I still have 2 of those tutu dresses hanging in my closet right now.  Asking me to throw away a tutu is like letting the America flag touch the ground.  Not gonna happen.

Back to the clothes.

When I was looking at that feather dress I thought what kind of texture can I mix with these feathers to make it more casual, less bridal, bring it down a couple notches.  What’s more casual than denim?  So I gave it a try and it has been a hit.  Look in your closet, what is an outfit that you felt powerful in, do you have a dress maybe you could try that same option with?  Possibly a dressy skirt?   Break the rules!!  If you walk in your closet and you don’t know where to begin go have a glass of wine, maybe two gather your thoughts and then try again.  If it’s a fitted dress or skirt tie a shirt over it and tie the shirt at your natural waist line (not your hips) so you aren’t losing that shape, if you feel like you’re showing too much figure pair a longer cardigan or blazer over it.

I felt like the feathers and denim shirt needed some color though which is when I added some statement bracelets.  I am all about breaking the rules with accessories right now. 

When I say I added a bracelet I mean I added 10 of them. I used a pearl hand chain bracelet to accent the buttons on my $10 shirt and added a pop color with the turquoise and jewels. My thought process was literally these don’t look like they match, ok I’ll wear them all.

Flannel and fringe.


My inspiration for this outfit was a mannequin in the American Eagle window.  Stop!  Yes, it’s true.  The way they had the outfit styled had a much younger look so I brainstormed to formulate a similar more appropriate option.  I already had a fringe skirt so again, I thought what could I pair with this to bring the fringe down a couple notches and more casual?  A t-shirt.  However, the length of the skirt is still pushing it, I needed to bring more coverage into the picture and paired it with the flannel button down from Forever 21.




Both outfits would definitely be for a fun date night, a concert, grocery shopping (JK!).  The idea is to think out of the box.  Break the rules!  And dress for yourself.  What’s a fun trend you’ve wanted to try?

Go for it. Life is too short for boring outfits so push your shoulders back, your chin up and own it. Because you can.

The New Same You

by Lyv Martin in

January 2015

During this season each year we hear ourselves start using the word “new” quite a bit.  Envisioning the NEW Year, as a NEW person with a NEW outlook on what we want to accomplish this coming year.  Which is wonderful, I love a fresh start and a sense of challenging yourself for the better.  Let’s talk about a style piece that has remained a constant throughout all the cycles of new beginnings, the black blazer.

Blazer from Express.com

Blazer from Express.com

We keep reinventing ourselves, and it stays the same, classic and chic.

I got my first boyfriend blazer from a TJ Maxx for $30 ten years ago and it is still hanging in my closet now.  It is an Anne Klein and it was marked down from $100.  A boyfriend blazer is going be a looser fit, that’s a touch over sized.  I like paring this particular fit with dresses and skirts.  Another awesome hunting ground for blazers is Target.  I love it!  I usually go straight for the sale racks.  Target is a great place to find any new trendy pieces that you want incorporate into your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

Another effortless black blazer ensemble that I have loved through the years is jeans, with a white shirt and a blazer.  Simple and polished.  For the first look I have used a boyfriend cut Express blazer.

This look creates a sense of being put together and ready to conquer and isn’t that what the New Year is about?  Being the best you.  Style doesn’t have to be complicated or the same.  Ten people can have the same jacket and wear it completely different.  If you’re looking to achieve a more polished professional style you might pair your jeans and blazer with some ballet flats and your favorite necklace.  Below I have switched out the Express blazer for a tailored BCBG piece that is more pronounced in the shoulder area.  This type of fit can give more of an hour glass shape drawing the eyes to the waist for a slimmer look.

Or if you’re feeling funky you might wear your favorite leopard shoes and that scarf you forgot you had.

The best thought to keep in mind is to know what you like and what you don’t. Make it your own. Because being you rocks.


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