Fun Facts About Me

5 Things You Might Know:

  • Otis still runs the show in the Martin household.

  • I took a break from LyvRoxStyle for about year. I found the social media aspect was taking away from my personal life and living in the moment. I now live religiously by a content calendar that allows me to plan ahead months of great visual content for my readers and still be able to live my everyday life without being a slave to my phone. One life to Lyv!

  • My partner in crime for all this amazing visual content you see is Laura Fulmer. She has been successfully airbrushing out my nipples from wardrobe malfunctions for four years now.

  • South Beach is STILL my FAVORITE place on earth. I visit the Versace mansion every time we are in town, if even just to walk by and soak in all that glorious greek key.

  • I like Jesus and I cuss A LOT.

 5 Things You Might not know: 

  • My husband has been in the boat manufacturing business since he was 13 years old. His father was one of the founders of Key West boats in 1987 and Chris now is one of the owners of Tidewater Boats. This is the main reason you see us traveling so often. Boat show season is fun and chaotic!

  • I was bald until I was about 4 years old. For whatever reason it took my hair FOREVER to grow as a child. When it finally decided to show up, it was naturally curly. I get that from my Daddy.

  • I have a brother, Dusty, who is 4 years older than me and still lives in Charleston, SC with his beautiful wife Meryl.

  • I have two amazingly hysterical step-daughters Taylor and Allie. I am blessed to be a part of their cheering section through this life. They have taught me you can never have enough fake eye-lash glue or tampons on hand.

  • As much as I love to dress up and share how to wear beautiful clothes, I love to be no make-up, no bra and fishing. Chris and I moved to Lake Murray about 3 years ago and something in Otis and I both drastically changed. I have always loved the water but I never realized how passionate I would become about lake life! What a dork right?! If you follow me on Instagram I have a “highlights” section dedicated to my lake life adventures with Otis. You won’t regret watching it I promise.

Artie Walker -

Artie Walker -